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Timisoara Center Offices – a creative space for cutting-edge services

Right in the center of the city

Placed in the VICTORY SQUARE of Timisoara, within the historic center, in the Neuhausz Palace. Close to restaurants, coffeeshops and terasses.

Desks with monitors

You will find desks equipped with monitors, while some of them also feature keyboards and mouse. We can also provide a laptop.

Fully equipped kitchen

A fully equipped kitchen is at your disposal, all you need to do is make sure you leave it as you found it.

Meeting room

A meeting room is available, having 2 desks, a couch and a small whiteboard.

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Time Management for Remote Workers

Working from home can be a challenge. It can bring the best out of you and it is an opportunity to increase your productivity, but it can also be a form of distraction, which affects the quantity and quality of your work. Time management is not at all easy, but we would like to help you make the most out of your workday, so here are some tips that might be of use:

  1. Create a To-Do list

To-Do lists might seem outdated, but they are of utmost importance, when it comes to planning your daily activity. Our advice for you is to create a To-Do list each Sunday for the next week and a separate one each evening for the day that follows. You should include all the things that you need to solve, including personal matters, like grocery shopping and cleaning. Estimate how much time the tasks will last and be realistic! You do not solve anything if you write down thirty tasks per day and manage to solve only ten.

2. Do not multitask 

You may think multitasking helps, but in fact it does not! Focus on one task at a time and do not put your brain under pressure of refocusing on a lot of different things simultaneously. This can affect your productivity and slow you down.

3. Try to keep your personal and professional life apart

The trap you might fall into while working from home is beginning to solve personal matters during breaks. Even if you have five free minutes, this does not mean that you should start washing dishes, do laundry or walk the dog, because you would not do that normally in an office. If you notice personal tasks while you are working, write them down and solve them as soon as you are done for the day.

4. Do not surf the internet 

Maybe your work requires using the internet, but be careful, because this can quickly turn into an online shopping session, or just a waste of time reading unnecessary information. Turn your phone and Wi-Fi off to prevent yourself from checking it, getting distracted and scrolling through social media.


5. Create a routine and take breaks

Even if staying in your PJs sounds more comfortable, try waking up and doing your routine just as if you would go to work. Drink your coffee, do your workout and wear clothes you would normally wear at the office. This helps your brain understand that it is time for work.

Breaks are also important. Even if you are home, this does not mean you have to work continuously. Take breaks and do not forget to eat and hydrate yourself!



In addition, create a dedicated workplace. If you still do not have a clue on how to do that, we have here another article with some tips and tricks:

Those are our time management tips and we hope we made it easier for you to create a productive daily schedule!


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Creating the Perfect Working from Home Set Up

Did the sudden switch to home-office take you by surprise? Well, our intention is to help you change your room into the perfect set up for work. Health, safety and comfort are some of the aspects taken into consideration by our simple guide.

Health& Safety

Back and head aches, blurred vision or eye problems are some of the most common health issues caused by working for hours at the desk in front of a screen. Here are some tips on how you can avoid such health problems:

  • Choose your chair carefully!

It might sound weird, but the quality of your chair is of utmost importance. You will ideally need a good quality task chair which offers a variety of features like height adjustability, moveable arms and strong lumbar support. The height of your chair should allow you to have a clear vision of the screen. The way you position yourself on the chair is important too: Make sure your feet are flat on the ground, with both legs at a 90-degree angle to the floor. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor, in order to avoid having problems with the lower back and legs. Your arms should be low enough for your shoulders not to be hunched up.

  • Position your keyboard and monitor properly!

Your keyboard should be positioned slightly above the elbow height. You can adjust that by changing the height of your chair. Your wrists and elbows need to be in a relaxed, flat position, so the keyboard should be far enough from you, in order for this to happen. Your body should be centered and you should make sure the mouse is close enough to avoid stretching for it. 

Your monitor or screen should be ideally positioned at a 90-degree angle to you and around 40-60 cm away from your face, depending on your eyesight requirements. The height should be so, that your line of vision is somewhere in the top third of the screen.



Even if we are talking about a home-office, this does not mean that your working space should be dull. You spend hours in this specific place, so we suggest you personalize it according to your needs. Drink your coffee in your favorite mug, use plants or family photos to decorate your office and your fluffy blanket if you get tired. Do anything you can to help your body and mind work in a productive, yet cozy way.

We hope this short guide helped you, or at least gave you some ideas on how you can improve your working environment at home by yourself!

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Delivering What Consumers Really Value

On the other hand, organizations have the need for integrating in IT departments new technologies often using cloud services and other ways of direct access to the web. This pressure for IT departments to give…

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