our story

Every story has its beginning

Starting as early as 2005, we began our journey into the world of entrepreneurship with a small outsourcing business in Timisoara, Romania.

The strong bond with the German region of Europe (DACH) has helped us grow, not only in terms of business, but most importantly in terms of quality and culture.

Fast forward 15 years later, we stand as an international group of companies, with a clearly established identity and core. We have a fine blend of experience and youth, all with a strong focus towards the client.


Best Digital Solutions
since 2005.



what to expect from temeron

The Road to Digital Transformation and Success

Going forward, there is a clear direction for a DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM within any company looking to grow in the future. Re-imagine the way products and services are made and define a framework of strategic goals:
• Improve and excel at customer experience
• Analyze and Optimize operation costs in all areas
• Company culture: prioritize employee satisfaction
• Challenge, Innovate and Drive the company forward

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Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

We seamlessly merge key skills – information technology, marketing, data analysis and coaching and training to deliver unique results.
what we offer

Business Shaped Solutions

We are specialists in  information technologies and we apply our full range of talent to creating the perfect solution for each client’s needs

IT and ERP Consultancy

Digital Marketing Services

advanced analytics

enterprise technology

Managed Community

IT & ERP Consultancy

Change is opportunity. The challenges it presents may seem daunting, but we help you approach change with confidence, adapt with purpose and embrace it.

Our resulted solution combines implementation support, capability building and state-of-the-art diagnostic and analytic tools so you can continually change.


Digital Marketing

Prepare for the future as marketing goes digital.

Set-up, Ramp-up, Go-up. We integrate our resources seamlessly into your team and help you grow faster and more budget efficient than you expected.

Advanced analytics

Data Analysis and Data Science: this is where the change is taking place, a true difference maker.

Highly experienced and skilled, our teams will help you make the right decisions by having the correct data and facts.


Enterprise Technology - Innovation

We service large enterprises with innovative solutions and process optimizations.

Innovation can be a true difference maker and its results are some of the most gratifying within the professional existence of a company.


Managed community

Our special flavor is this new blend of human and digital. We put our whole experience and effort in this new idea of community management.

Years of experience within the IT community are combined with the experience of certified coaching.

WE DRAMATICALLY improve the company’s well being, resulting in improvements of all key aspects and outputs.